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SIDESHOW Sabretooth Classic Premium Format Statue


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Joining our Marvel X-Men collection, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Sabretooth Classic Costume Premium Format Figure. 

A former subject of the notorious ‘Weapon X’ project, Victor Creed embraced his primal instincts when he became the feral mutant, Sabretooth. Crouched over a snow-covered slab of arctic terrain, the ruthless predator bristles in anticipation of his next clash with longtime rival, Wolverine. Fangs bared in a vicious sneer, and muscles rippling under his classic fur-trimmed brown and gold costume, Creed relishes the moment before they cross paths, just itching to tear into the flesh of his greatest foe. 

The perfect companion piece for the Sideshow Wolverine Premium Format Figure, create the ultimate epic face-off between these two iconic Marvel arch-nemeses!

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