IRON STUDIOS Marvel: X-Men - Cyclops 1:10 Scale Statue

IRON STUDIOS Marvel: X-Men - Cyclops 1:10 Scale Statue




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Cyclops is Scott Summers, a character created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in 1963, a founding member of the X-Men group and the team's field leader. His mutant power is to project pure energy from his eyes controlled by his ruby quartz visor. He was the first student of Prof. Xavier, and fights for Peace between humans and mutants since joining the X-Men. The main leader of the Blue Team comes in the 1:10 BDS Art Scale line with a fully detailed base representing the X Mansion stairs convered with spikes of ice, an Iceman's courtesy. Features: Limited edition. Made in polystone. Hand painted. The X-Men Art Scale figures that are sold separately cannot be attached to this Sentinel. If you want to have the Sentinel Vs X-Men you must order the Full Set.

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